Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Permanent Hair Removal in Time for Halloween

Your facial and body hair should not be the central focus of your Halloween costume! Picture this: you attend a Halloween party and politely remove your shoes at the door. Suddenly, people start commenting on your costume -- they thought you had dressed up as a hobbit because of your hairy feet! Before you punch your friends, you can handle this two different ways…one, let them know that, yes, you are embracing your inner hobbit, or, beat them to the punch (pun intended) by ridding yourself of unwanted body hair permanently. With 30 years of experience, I have the expertise to help get your hair-raising follicle issues under control, whether it’s unwanted toe and foot hair or other sensitive areas like eyebrows, upper lip, chin or bikini line, permanent hair removal is possible!

With electrolysis the results are permanent! If you are worried about the discomfort, let’s talk. I can help minimize the pain with topical numbing agents, jokes and laughter.

Give me a call or send me an e-mail to set up an appointment – I’d love to hear from you! (314) 727-4022 or info@rosenthalclinics.com.

Have a smooth day,
Momma Bare

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