Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is my first blog post! I’m excited to be able to share my experience with electrolysis and permanent hair removal with the world. The first topic I wanted to talk with you about is waxing. A lot of my clients are former waxers who have ditched the hot wax and ripping cloths and never looked back! Waxing can be extremely painful and you have to keep up with it. Let me set the mood for you: there you are, lying still as you feel this hot substance coat your eyebrows. Next, you feel the pressure of the ripping cloth make a pact with the wax and then you brace yourself – RIIIIIIIPPPP! But, that pass didn’t get all of the hair, so you wait in anticipation for the next RIIIIIIIPPPP of the cloth. My blood pressure went up just thinking about that, didn’t yours?

The results of waxing last up to two weeks at maximum, and then you generally have to wait until the hair is very long to wax it off AGAIN…who wants to wait until they look like Chewbacca to get their bikini line done! That was an interesting visual…YIKES!

With electrolysis, the pain is only temporary and the results are permanent! If you are worried about the pain, let’s talk. I can help minimize the pain with topical numbing agents, jokes and laughter.

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Have a smooth day,

Momma Bare